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Public Speaking

Billionaire Warren Buffet says this is the only skill which will boost your career value more than any other skill.

Public speaking is a great skill to success in any profession. Through our personal guidance you will not only master skills but also you will discover and refine your presentation style.

Our technique can turn nervous beginners into confident speaker.

The most important thing about public speaking is that it is a learnable skill and can be learned with proper guidance.

A Flexible Approach Never Before

We will provide you with number of techniques, you practice it, master it then we will provide you with next techniques.

Our course consists

  • Preparation of speech
  • Designing of speech
  • Skills to impress in public speaking
  • Non-verbal language.
  • Use of presentation aids.
  • Final presentation.
  • Conversation mastery.
  • Track of your progress.

Duration / Fees

  • 200 minutes @ 10 Class – *Rs600

You can get free trial of 20 minutes class.

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